Excel VATPacks

Enhanced to create digital links for loading data into the VATPack - a key requirement of MTD

Excel VATPacks for MTD

From our experience in providing intelligent VAT solutions to large corporates for many years, we know that VAT affairs are rarely straightforward.

Our flexible approach seamlessly combines any existing Excel based processes by using our Excel VATPacks in conjunction with VAT controller's powerful database.

Excel VAT Packs diagram


As part of the VAT Controller solution, our VATPacks provide:

  • A fully MTD compliant end to end process
  • Automated data transformation - replacing the need to spend hours formatting, cutting & pasting, VLOOKUPS, filtering and creating pivot tables
  • A clearly defined and documented process to improve business continuity
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • One click upload to the VAT Controller platform including a read-only copy of the VATPack
  • A range of options from our standard core VATPack functionality to bespoke VATPacks which retain the best of your current compliance process but include considerable automation to significantly reduce risk and increase efficiency

Amongst the many VATPack benefits included are:

  • A flexible template which can be easily updated for process or statutory changes
  • Import multiple external data sources including multi-tabbed Excel files
  • Line by line validation of every transaction to highlight exceptions and potential adjustments including VAT rate calculations, dates, VAT group transactions and many more
  • Intelligent keyword recognition
  • Partial exemption and margin scheme adjustments
  • Automated reconciliations including VAT account to GL
  • Carry forward options to ensure relevant transactions and queries can be identified in subsequent periods
  • Automatically generated pivot tables
  • Easily created exception reports
  • VAT "electronic account" data

Our standard VATPack comes with the core functionality required to ensure you are MTD4VAT compliant with minimal changes to existing Excel processes. Our 5 simple integration steps allow you to:

  • Embed the VATPack template into your existing VAT files
  • Import multiple data sources from multi-tabbed existing Excel files with audit trail
  • Link figures to the VAT account template
  • Link the VAT account to the 9 boxes on the VAT return
  • One click upload to VAT Controller for review, authorisation & submission

This approach not only ensures you are MTD4VAT compliant using existing in-house resources, but generates greater time savings through embracing automation.

To find out more about our Excel VAT packs, please download the VAT Controller VATPacks summary or contact us on 0118 935 7140